Aardvark Packers specializes in the supply and manufacturing of packers for the civil construction, environmental and mining industries. We offer many options, including inflatable packers, customized environmental packers, grout and grouting packers, well packers, wireline packers, mechanical packers, straddle packers, and borehole packers.

At Aardvark Packers, our focus is:

  • Quality Products
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Safety

Our goal is to provide the best manufactured products using proven quality control measures. In addition, Aardvark Packers will not settle for just adequate customer service. We are committed to providing you with the service and products you need to help your jobs go smoothly. You will receive integrity and honesty when working with Aardvark Packers.

Meet the Team

Richard Needoba


Rick worked 30 years in the international oil service industry and became involved in the environmental business in 2002. Since then he has been involved in the Remediation and Environmental drilling industry. Rick became President of Aardvark Packers in 2017.

Dave Baca

General Manager

Dave started at Aardvark in 1986 as a machinist.  Through the years he has dedicated his efforts to build on Customer satisfaction and manufacturing a quality product.  His vast knowledge in CAD/Engineering as well as the manufacturing and designs of our packers make him a true asset.

Annette Jamin


Perfectionist is the best way to describe Annette.  A TEAM driving member of Aardvark, she simply will not give up on any issues.  Annette’s accounting skills are truly remarkable which keeps Aardvark running smooth.