Why use straddle packers? Accessing the horizontal and vertical extent of groundwater contamination requires the completion of a network of monitoring wells.  One technique involves drilling several well clusters with each well completed to a specific horizon.

A more cost effective technique is to drill fewer wells and complete each well to multiple horizons within the same borehole.  This technique allows further cost reductions by permitting the use of straddle packer systems that allow sampling from multiple horizons within a single well.

The isolated horizons are predetermined by the distance between the two packers, which can be varied according to site conditions. As with other techniques, several well volumes must be removed to assure that representative samples are obtained. However, a straddle packer system does isolate and reduce well volume, thereby minimising sampling time and expense.

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  • Easy field service and repair
  • Complete line of inflatable packer accessories available
  • Steel cable reinforced glands
    • Our glands retain run-in diameter and hold dimensional stability throughout their service life. Other packers may feature glands strengthened with synthetic fibers. Demand steel cable to protect your investment.
  • Stainless steel center tubes
    • Standard with every packer so that you never have to worry about pitting or corrosion
  • Integral tube scrapers
    • Remove grout adhering to the outside of the center tube each time the packer is deflated
  • Best ratio of through-pipe I.D. to packer O.D. in the industry
    • Flow rates are higher due to larger I.D. center tubes
  • Discreet sampling and injection
  • Multiple options for pass thru
  • Several pump attachment options
  • No need for nested well applications
  • Zone Isolation in various lengths from 2 inches to 100 feet