Inflatable grout packers are specified on many pressure-grouting jobs to provide a superior seal against grout bleed. They are required for stage grouting and up-hole grouting for tunnels, galleries and grout curtains.

Tigre Tierra Inflatable Grouting Packers are designed to deliver unmatched performance on the toughest pressure grouting jobs. No mechanical packer or homemade plug comes close.

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  • Steel cable reinforced glands: Our glands retain run-in diameter and hold dimensional stability throughout their service life. Other packers may feature glands strengthened with synthetic fibres. Demand steel cable to protect your investment.
  • Best ratio of through-pipe I.D. to packer O.D. in the industry: For example, 1.66″ O.D. packers are available with 3/4″ I.D. center tubes. That means smooth, high volume grout flow so that you can do the job right and do it fast.
  • Stainless steel center tubes: Standard with every packer so that you never have to worry about pitting or corrosion.
  • Integral tube scrapers: Remove grout adhering to the outside of the center tube each time the packer is deflated.
  • Easy field service and repair: You don’t need to take our packers back to the shop for disassembly.  Your crew can do everything in the field using common hand tools.
  • Dam Construction and repair
  • Highway maintenance and construction
  • Soil stabilization/dewatering
  • Mining applications
  • Certain oil/gas well testing
  • Civil construction/grouting/testing




  • High pressure inflation regulators with quick disconnect fittings
  • Inflation manifolds
  • High pressure tubing
  • Quality liquid filled gauges
  • Grout balance
  • Gauge savers
  • Grout hoses