RST Instruments have recently discontinued their RST Packer products.

Aardvark Packers LLC manufactures an equivalent line of borehole packers.
Aardvark Packers specializes in the supply and manufacturing of packers for
the civil construction, environmental and mining industries. We offer many
options, including inflatable packers, customized environmental packers, grout
and grouting packers, well packers, wireline packers, mechanical packers,
straddle packers, and borehole packers.

At Aardvark Packers, our focus is:

  • Quality Products
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Safety

Our goal is to provide the best manufactured products using proven quality
control measures. In addition, Aardvark Packers will not settle for just
adequate customer service. We are committed to providing you with the
service and products you need to help your jobs go smoothly. You will receive
integrity and honesty when working with Aardvark Packers.