Understanding why you need a specific packer type for different environmental applications may be critical to your project’s success. There are many factors that go into selecting the right packer for the job, whether that job is isolated zone packer testing, water sampling, pressure injection, or substituting for nested wells.  Aardvark and its Tigre Tierra line offer opportunities for all of these variables and more.

If you need Viton covered packers for contaminated wells, or multiple pass through ports for packer strings, or just a fixed packer for an injection project, Aardvark has the right product for you. We can also help you determine which packers are right for your projects: environmental packers, inflatable packers, or straddle packers.

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Using Packers for Environmental Applications

Packer tests consist of isolating specific sections of a bedrock borehole with inflatable packers. Water-quality samples can then be collected and aquifer tests can be carried out. A series of such tests allows for definition of the vertical distribution of water quality (usually contaminants) and hydraulic conductivity, or pathways for water and contaminant movement in an aquifer.

Monitoring water levels in nearby wells while pumping packed intervals can identify permeable intervals within an aquifer.

Information from the packer tests can then be used to properly site the future location of monitoring wells.

Better Solutions

Smaller packers designed to fit a submersible sampling pump can be used to replace ‘nested wells’ to isolate the lower part of a monitoring well. Isolation by the packer allows reduced water volumes to be purged prior to sampling. This reduction can be beneficial because it can reduce purge times and may limit the handling and disposal of contaminated water.


  • Various pass thru options for sample tubes
  • Stainless steel and Viton construction
  • Nested wells no longer needed
  • Multiple straddle configurations
  • Solid platform for various pumps
  • Custom and off shelf items available