NewsPacker Applications for Coal Mines

Aardvark Packers are used in coal mines to enhance operations and safety. They are used to de-gas, vent and direct methane gas away from new mine faces prior to mining to ensure as safe work environment.

A typical 4-1/2” diameter hole in the face or in the ribs will be drilled.  Sometimes, gel is injected into the borehole to isolate the gas.  An Aardvark inflatable packer is inserted into the hole and inflated.  The gas and related pressure can be manifolded and directed out and away from the mine.

These de-gassing boreholes can be 10 to 20 feet in length.  When a packer is used to isolate the hole and vent the gas, a normal set up is using a short Aardvark Packer with a 1-1/4” ball valve threaded on the end.  The packer is then placed in the borehole and inflated to approximately 150 psi.  This pressure can vary.  The most pressure in a mine was recorded several years ago in a Pittsburgh seam at 250 psi.  In more recent years, 9 psi to 55 psi have been the normal.

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