Tigre Tierra Inflatable Packers, designed and manufactured by Aardvark Packers, range from simple fixed-head balloon packers to steel-reinforced sliding-head Viton® and stainless steel monitoring systems with multiple transducers and pumps. In addition to our line of inflatable packers, we offer our patented Tigre Tierra Wireline Packer Systems for permeability testing during core drilling. Aardvark Packers also carries a complete line of packer-related accessories to meet your custom needs. Our inflatable packers are designed with the expertise of 30 years’ field experience.

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The features of our inflatable packers include:

  • Sliding-head packer components thread together for ease of service in the field
  • Modular design allowing multiple packers to be installed in a single borehole to isolate various zones
  • Easy field service and repair
  • Complete line of inflatable packer accessories available
  • Steel cable reinforced glands
    • Our glands retain run-in diameter and hold dimensional stability throughout their service life. Other packers may feature glands strengthened with synthetic fibers. Demand steel cable to protect your investment.
  • Stainless steel center tubes
    • Standard with every packer so that you never have to worry about pitting or corrosion
  • Integral tube scrapers
    • Remove grout adhering to the outside of the center tube each time the packer is deflated
  • Best ratio of through-pipe I.D. to packer O.D. in the industry
    • Flow rates are higher due to larger I.D. center tubes

Some of the applications for our inflatable packers:

  • Geotechnical testing (Lugeon Test)
  • Pressure grouting
  • Mineral exploration drilling
  • Environmental testing and treatment
  • Dam construction and repair
  • Highway maintenance and construction
  • Soil stabilization/dewatering
  • Mining applications
  • Certain oil/gas well testing
  • Civil construction/grouting/testing


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Aardvark offers a full line of accessories and options related to the packer industry and for our line of inflatable packers.  Wireline parts for B,N,H, and P series core barrels, Composite cable up to 2500 feet in continuous lengths, Water test kits which include flow meters, hoses, gauges and fittings.

Seal Tee assemblies in all 4 sizes.

Grouting options such as mud balance, gauge savers, inflation lines with 2500 p.s.i. burst ratings, inflation manifolds for multiple injections.

Our Environmental lines offer water level indicators, PVC casing and screen, SS centralizers, ozone compatible materials for ozone injection, high quality stainless steel materials and fittings.