At Aardvark Packers, we understand that mining is not an industry for the meek. Lives depend on providing a secure environment in the active workings so that the daily production can be reached. Using quality equipment is a must, both in and on the mine structure. There is no room for error. Grout packers in the mining industry are critical to success, whether it be ceiling grout, de-watering, creating a slurry wall or Methane gas control and collection.

When you need to be sure about your packers’ quality and performance, contact us and we will help you get the results you need.


Down hole problems have a trend to increase drilling costs to an extent that deep holes are often a major concern to exploration and mining development. The ability to stabilize the soil conditions and surrounding rock or overburden can greatly keep the mining schedule on track and cost effective.

Aardvark manufactures packers, grouting and water control packers, pressure grouting packers, mechanical packers and associated problem solvers for both surface and underground mining applications.


  • Maximum ID center tubes for maximum grout flow.
  • Grout scraping wiper seals in sliding heads.
  • Field Repairable to reduce down time.
  • Zone grouting capable.