The term construction means a lot of things to a lot of people. Whether you are stage grouting, digging a foundation, securing a dam, tunnel boring, or just performing compaction grouting, Aardvark has the right packer for the project. We offer grout packers, inflatable packers, and wireline packers for your specific project needs.

One characteristic necessary for all construction products is toughness. Built with the highest quality components, each Aardvark packer is carefully crafted to fit for your specific needs and the reliability to handle your toughest projects.

Inflatable grouting packers are specified on many pressure-grouting jobs to provide a superior seal against grout bleed. Tigre Tierra Inflatable Grouting Packers are designed to deliver unmatched performance on the toughest pressure grouting jobs.

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Packer Tests & Usage

Pressure, or “packer,” tests are performed in rock by forcing water under pressure into the rock surrounding the borehole. Packer tests determine the apparent permeability of the rock mass, and also provide a qualitative assessment of rock quality.

These tests can also be used before and after grouting to assess the effectiveness of grouting on rock permeability and the strength of the rock mass. The test is performed by selecting a length of borehole for testing, then inflating the packers sleeve(s) at the top of the test zone to isolate the section of borehole being tested. Packer testing can then be performed intermittently as the borehole is advanced.


  • At Aardvark, we can build packers to your specific needs.
  • Larger ID center tubes for maximum grout flow.
  • Grout scraping wiper seals to help with smooth operation.
  • Field repairable, manufactured as modular system.
  • Complete inventory of parts and accessories.